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Choosing liposuction for thousands of men and women every year is a common thing. Thousands of men and women have made cosmetic procedures #1 in the United States because diet and exercise just doesn’t work when it comes to removing those fatty deposits that don’t look good and are bad for your health.

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Tumescent Liposuction is one of the world most popular forms of cosmetic surgery to date. Tumescent Liposuction is described as liposuction that is done under local anesthesia. This is a safe and effective procedure where the fatty tissue and areas are injected with a large volume of adrenaline, local anesthesia, and saline solution, then removed by suction through a small needle like surgical instrument called a cannula. Tiny incisions the size of 1.5mm are made in your skin in places or locations that are inconspicuous and the cannula is then inserted into the fatty tissues so that it can be removed. Bulging areas are resculpted so that your more attractive contours are revealed.

A new technique that complements Tumescent Liposuction can now be performed and is called Power Assisted Liposuction, or PAL.

What Is PAL Lipo, Power Assisted Liposuction?
Because the tool used to remove fat tissue (a cannula) is difficult to move around under the skin and through fat the tissue, surgeons cannot always effectively remove all the unwanted fat during the liposuction procedure. Dr. Hanna, a Liposuction specialist, uses a procedure called Power Assisted Liposuction that features devices that are much more easier to control and allowing Dr. Hanna to be more precise as well as thorough with fat removal. The PAL devices break up the fat through rapid, small vibrations making it easy to suction out the fat through the cannula.
Dr. Hanna has been able to achieve better and smoother contouring results with the recently made available, Power Assisted Liposuction devices. The (PAL) Power Assisted Liposuction devices are designed to use compressed air or an electric motor to cause the liposuction cannula to have a spinning rotation or a rapid in and out motion that helps break down fat tissue so that it can be easily suctioned out of the body. PAL can be used on arms, hips, chest, breasts, knees, ankles, waist, stomach, chin, back, buttocks, neck, and thighs.

Before and After Images
Pal Lipo Before and after
2 Days After Liposuction
Pal Lipo Before and after

Benefits Of PAL Liposuction.
Because the cannula vibrates to help break down and release the fat cells from the body Dr. Hanna uses much less force during the liposuction procedures. Proven by researchers, the Department of Dermatology at Tulane University Health Sciences Center say that the Power Assisted Liposuction techniques remove 30% more fat while helping recovery time and reducing bruising significantly. PAL Procedures make it much easier to remove fat from areas that are very difficult to sculpt as well as reduce the time it takes to complete the procedures. This also helps to reduce safety risks and patient complications.
The Advantages Through PAL Procedures are improved safety through shorter procedure times, less bruising and swelling helping recovery time, smaller incisions for greater precision and less discomfort.

What Makes PAL Lipo Different From Traditional Liposuction?
Traditional Liposuction is a process that sucks the fat out from under your skin while other traditional liposuction techniques add injections that dissolve and melt fat tissues before the suction begins with the cannula tool.

Vaser Liposuction uses a technology that is also a state-of-the-art process whereby ultrasound is used to gently reshapes your body. While preserving important tissues it will break up the fat and produce smooth results and rapid healing.
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PAL Liposuction also helps to preserve fat better for reuse later when you need to add some fat in other areas like Breast Enhancement.

How Painful Is This Procedure?
Our patients have reported a pain level between 0 and 1 on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the worst pain level and 0 is having no pain at all.

How is Local Anesthesia An Advantage?
The advantage here is that the patient and doctor can communicate during the procedure making sure every thing is A-OK, and any questions can be answered and addressed immediately.

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